Artifact 4a

Integrated Dance lesson plan with Yesenia Briceño:

Taylor: Foot/Hand Story

This activity was pulled from the middle of a lesson on building timelines. Students have learned what a timeline is at this point and are working on creating timelines of their day.

Ok class. Do you all remember how we made a timeline about our day yesterday? Well today we are going to expand it a little bit. We are going to do the hand story and tell a story about a really important event, the first day of school. We will build our timeline as we go and assemble it on the whiteboard afterwards.

Ok, everyone sit in a circle and stick out your hand.

“Once upon a time there was a hand hold up hand. This hand was excited bounce hand, but very nervous shake/shiver hand. It was the first day of school. The hand woke up at 6:30 that morning and jumped out of bed raise hand from laying on ground to pointing at ceiling, then lift it quickly and place it back on the ground. The hand smelled something delicious. Mama hand had made the hand a delicious breakfast. The hand ran downstairs run with fingers, from a high level to a low level slam hand against ground repeatedly, and sat down at the table and ate the breakfast mama hand had made bend fingers into seated position. After breakfast, mama hand and the hand got to what they do best, running stamp both hands on the ground really fast. They ran at all kinds of different speeds, medium down the street run fingers at normal speed, slow up the giant hill at the end of the street run fingers at slow speed, and fast coming down the hill **run fingers at fast speed* They ran and ran and ran to the hand’s new school. When they got to the school, mama hand gave the hand its handpack and kissed the hand goodbye one hand “kisses” another. The hand was very nervous shake/shiver hand. This was a new school and the hand didn’t know anyone. The hand waved goodbye to mama hand wave hand and marched up the tall stairs into the school, going from a low level, to a middle level, all the way up to a high level slowly climb stairs with fingers - hand going low, middle, high levels. The hand found his classroom and slowly opened the door turn hand like opening turning a door knob, OH NO! The hand was late. “Take your seat” teacher hand said to the hand, so the hand slouched embarrassed and walked over to his seat curl finger to slouch finger walking. Teacher hand handed the hand a math book and said “See the clock over there? point We start math when the big finger is on 3 and the little finger is on 9, what time is that?” The hand shifted fidget fingers for a minute before sitting up and saying “9:15!”

All the hands in the classroom worked on their math until the teacher hand told them it was time to work on vocabulary. The hands broke out into groups to practice vocabulary together, but the hand didn’t have a group and slouched over sad curl fingers to slouch. “Psst,” the hand heard. “Hey!” The hand looked up straighten hand and looked around. A stranger hand walked up to the hand and said, “I don’t have a group either, it’s my first day at this school and I don’t know anyone. Want to be in a group with me?” The hand jumped raise and lower hand, the hand was so happy. “Sounds good to me” the hand said. The stranger hand held out a finger and said, “my name is Zales, nice to meet you.” The two hands shook fingers interlock two fingers and went off to do vocabulary.

Teacher hand finally said what every hand wanted to hear, “ok class, it’s 10:45. Time for recess!” All the hands in the classroom were so excited repeatedly jump with hands. Zales hand looked at the hand and said, “hey, remember that time.” “Why?” said the hand? “Because that’s when we both made our first friend,” replied Zales hand. The two hands got up and ran out to the playground stamp both hands on the ground like you are running.

After recess, the hand and Zales hand came back into the classroom stamp hands on the ground slowly, like walking and sat next to each other. At 11:30, they ate lunch together loosely shake hands, did classroom activities together, and at the end of the school day, 3:00, they waited for each of their mama hands to arrive.

When mama hand arrived, the hand ran over to her, gave her a big hug hug one hand with the other and told her all about it’s day. The two hands ran home, again at all kinds of different speeds, slow up the giant hill, fast coming down the hill, and medium down the street back to their house run fingers slow, fast, then medium. “Can I go play at Zales hand’s house?” the hand asked mama hand? “Not tonight” replied mama hand, “you have karate practice at 5:00.” Mama hand and the hand ran to the hand’s karate class run with fingers, where the hand punched punch with hand, kicked kick with a finger, and chopped chop with hand, moving in all the different pathways move hand straight, curved, and in a zigzag. After karate the two ran home run with fingers, had a delicious dinner together, and at 8:30 the hand grew tired, and decided it was time for bed lay hand down.”

The End.

Ok class now let’s place our timeline on the whiteboard. Can anyone tell me what was the first thing the hand did? Right! He woke up at 6:30. So we will add that as the first thing on our timeline.

Woke up: 6:30 ----

After the hand ate breakfast and ran to school, what’s next on our timeline? Yes! He got there late, just as they were starting math at 9:15. So that will be the next item on our timeline.

Woke up: 6:30 ----> Late to school: 9:15

Then the hand did math and vocabulary with the other new hand. So what was the next important event? Hmmm, recess is an important event, but what happened just before recess? Yes! He made a friend at 10:45. So that will be the third item on our timeline.

Woke up: 6:30 ----> Late to school: 9:15 ----> Made a friend 10:45

After recess they came back inside together and did class work, what happened at 11:30? That’s right! Lunch time! So that goes next on our timeline.

Woke up: 6:30 ----> Late to school: 9:15 ----> Made a friend: 10:45 ----> Lunch: 11:30

After lunch they continued to do classroom activities together until? The end of school, you got it! Anyone remember what time that was? 3:00! So let’s add that to our timeline.

Woke up: 6:30 ----> Late to school: 9:15 ----> Made a friend: 10:45 ----> Lunch: 11:30 ----> End of school day: 3:00

Then they ran up and down the hill to get home. What happened next? Karate class, you got it! What time was karate class? 5:00! Yep! So let’s add that to our timeline.

Woke up: 6:30 ----> Late to school: 9:15 ----> Made a friend: 10:45 ----> Lunch: 11:30 ----> End of school day: 3:00 ----> Karate class 5:00

After karate class ended, what was the final part of the day? Yes, the hand went home, ate dinner, and went to bed at 8:30. So let’s add that in our final timeline spot.

Woke up: 6:30 ----> Late to school: 9:15 ----> Made a friend: 10:45 ----> Lunch: 11:30 ----> End of school day: 3:00 ----> Karate class 5:00 ----> Went to bed: 8:30

Good job everyone! You guys are really getting the hang of these timelines. Tomorrow we are going to expand them. Instead of doing a timeline for a single day, we will do one for your entire life!